Thursday, March 5, 2015

Society's Biggest Lie

In my opinion, the biggest lie society has ever concocted is that beauty matters. We are constantly
bombarded by photoshopped models, airbrushed celebrities, makeup commercials, plastic surgery advertisements, etc. We even enter our toddlers into beauty pageants, teaching them from an early age that they should be judged by how they look. The beauty industry makes millions of dollars because of our belief in the lie that our worth is defined by our appearance.

Not only have beauty standards changed drastically over time, but beauty standards widely differ in
various parts of the world right now . For example, here in the United States, we are constantly craving that "perfect tan." We destroy our bodies by exposing them to dangerous UV rays without properly protecting ourselves for the sake of having a darker skin tone. By contrast, on the opposite side of the world, many people in Asian countries spend money to bleach their skin.

The fact that beauty is subjective is not only proven by the varying beauty standards, but also because we are now fully aware that we are capable of perceiving very different things, as illustrated by "the dress." Many people thought the dress was blue and black, white and gold, blue and gold, etc. even though they were looking at the exact same image! Our eyes and brains tell us different things about images we see; thus, beauty is truly in the "eye of the beholder."

Your body's worth is not in its beauty, but in its accomplishments. Our bodies are simply the vehicles
that carry us through life and allow us to achieve our goals. Your body can do amazing things. It can help you climb the tallest mountains or dive in deep waters. It can help you paint masterpieces or build machines. It can even bring new life into the world. That's pretty incredible. Your body carries your brain, which can solve difficult problems and grasp abstract philosophical concepts. Your body also is home to your heart, which allows you to feel emotions. And you can do all of these things no matter how "beautiful" you are.

Since our bodies are the vehicles in which we experience reality, we need to take care of them just like we would with a nice car. Like a car, our bodies need to be consistently maintained and properly fueled. We need to perform regular maintenance on our bodies by ensuring that we get enough sleep every night and exercising every day. We need to maintain our brain function by keeping it active, not letting it be idle most of the day. Like a car, our bodies need the proper fuel to carry us through the day. If you have a car that uses standard fuel, it would be crazy to put diesel in it. Putting the improper fuel in your car would lead to some serious issues. Likewise, putting bad food in our bodies will cause major problems in the short and long terms. Of course, your body won't last forever, but you are in control of how healthy it will be until then.

Think of how much money and time you spend trying to make yourself "beautiful." You are literally buying into the lie that beauty determines your worth. All life is beautiful simply because it is life. You are already beautiful just the way you are simply because you are you. Love your body just the way it is, and take good care of it so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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