Monday, January 14, 2013

My Wedding Day

I never wanted a December wedding. I wanted an outside wedding with lots of flowers. But when Jason and I started talking about marriage last April, he told me, "there's no way you'll be able to wait over a year to marry me." Being stubborn as I am, I argued that I sure could wait. But my mind changed over time.

I embraced the opportunity to have a pink winter wonderland themed wedding. I decided to have my wedding reception at my home because, in my opinion, it is much nicer than any reception venue. The night I flew home from my fall 2012 semester at college, my mom surprised me by having my house all decorated for my wedding reception. There were 9 Christmas trees, crystalized flowers, sparkly pink poinsettias, lights glistening everywhere, and pink everywhere. I loved it! And the crowning jewel was that my siblings hung the Christmas lights outside the house in the shape of hearts, reminiscent of Jason's proposal. It was absolutely stunning, and the decorations took my breath away. My mom did a killer good job.

The day before my wedding, Jason and I had a photoshoot at the Manassas Battlefield. It warm outside, such a blessing for a December wedding. Well, it was about 45 degrees, and the wind made it feel a bit colder, but I didn't complain once.

The night before my wedding, I had no trouble sleeping. You always hear of brides getting no sleep the night before because of anxiety or whatever, but such was not the case for me. Maybe it was my calm nerves and my laid-back attitude about the wedding, but I think it was something more. The next morning I told Jason, "Well I know you're the one because I slept like a baby last night!" If it wasn't right, I'm sure I would have been kept up all night panicking about my decision to marry him.

I woke up super early the day of my wedding to do all my primping. I rode up to the Washington DC Mormon temple with my parents, and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on the way. Before we were married, we took pictures outside the temple because the lighting is better early in the morning.

Then it was time for our sealing. For those of you who aren't Mormon, the reason we get married in the temple is because the temple is the place where we are sealed to our spouses and families forever. For us, it's not "till death do us part"; we spend eternity with the people we love. The temple makes it possible for our marriage to last beyond the grave. As Mormons, we believe temples are the literal houses of God, and thus are very sacred. For that reason, I will not explain in full detail the sealing (or wedding) ceremony. Because temples are the houses of God, only members that are living their lives in a clean, chaste, uplifting way may enter the temple. We do not enter the temple for the first time until we are preparing for a mission or getting married. Thus, only a small number of family and friends very close to me were there for the actual sealing ceremony. But that doesn't make it any less precious to me. (For more info, go to )

Kneeling across the altar, I watched as Jason's eyes watered with joy during our sealing. I tried very hard to hold it together, but I almost lost it when I saw my mother in happy tears after the sealing. I hugged everyone in the room, and my joy was full. I was (and still am) so excited to spend eternity with my sweetheart. I got married young, yes, but that just means I get to spend more of forever with my true love.

Jason and I walked out of the temple triumphantly. We took more pictures, and then drove to the Italian restaurant called Bella Vita where we had the wedding lunch. When we walked in the restaurant, our families were sitting there are started clapping. I turned to Jason and said, "well this is awkward." He said back, "I'm sure there will be many more awkward moments today."

Lunch was wonderful. We then headed home to my house, where the reception would be held. We had about two hours until the reception, and my family was busy preparing for the reception. I felt like I needed to help, but my mom told me just to relax. So, I suggested that the rest of us should just watch Christmas Vacation. Jason said that made it the ultimate wedding day. I thought it was perfect because not only do I love that movie, I also got another chance to take a nap.

The first little bit before the reception was hectic. I was trying to figure out where to go and what to do in the midst of hot candles falling on the floor and my neighbor's dog attacking my cousin's kid. They say every wedding day has a crazy story associated with it, but luckily my mom didn't tell me about the dog until after.

The reception went by fast, but slow at the same time. I remember the names and faces of everyone that came. I remember being excessively hot in my big poofy dress. I remember smelling so much good food but not being able to eat it. I remember cutting the beautiful, sugar-free cake and feeling like I couldn't eat enough of it. But mostly I remember abundant smiles, sparkles, twinkling lights, and shimmering pink. And I remember I was as happy as could be. 

When it came time for us to leave the reception, Jason and I gathered our bags and ran through a line of friends and family holding sparklers. As we reached the getaway car heavily decorated with "just married" paraphernalia, I heard my little sister ask, "Wait, they're leaving?" This made me a little sad because I hadn't felt ready to leave my family and change my name. But I realized that I wasn't leaving my family at all; I was just adding somebody to it. 

Jason and I then drove off into the sunset. Okay, it was actually pitch black when we left, but the sunset seems more romantic, doesn't it? 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day :) i am excited to celebrate your wedding this weekend!

  2. I love the white and light pink color scheme concept that you chose! Those colors remind everyone how sacred the wedding is. The bride must have had a major say in that concept, eh? And the sparklers were a good way to send you off to your honeymoon!

    Kelli  Mueller

  3. Congratulations! You two are perfect together, and seeing the images you have here tells me that you’re a sweet couple. I like the wedding pictures. They are all so natural. By the way, have you tried playing with the photos? It will give you an additional story if you enhance the image. Try it for it’s absolutely fun. Don’t forget to do some backups!
    - Isabelle Galindo