Monday, November 19, 2012

How I Met My Fiance

In January of 2012, I was enjoying life. I was in my second (but junior) year of college at BYU, and I was single as could be. Was I sad about being single? No way. I loved it. I had a very traumatic break up the previous fall, and on the day of the breakup I swore to my ex-love interest that I would never fall in love again. He promised that I would find somebody else, but of course that was not what I wanted to hear. And I didn’t really believe him either. How could anybody be better than him? It wasn’t possible, I thought.
                But as time went on, I became confident in my independence. I realized, for the first time in my life, that I didn’t need a guy to make me happy. I could be happy just being me. I had plenty of time to hang out with friends and do whatever I wanted to do. My days were filled with schoolwork, running (I ran super long distances at the time. Like the normal distance for me was 6 miles), and hanging out with my good friends Gary and Jory. They were roommates, and we made an excellent and adventurous trio. My weekends were full of going to dance parties and simply having a blast. Oh yes, I loved being single.

                However, I feared, deep down, that I would be single forever. This, of course, was completely irrational, as I was only 19 years old and had at least, in my prediction, 6 years to get married before I was doomed to be an old maid. To me, Mormon girls who don’t get married before 25 are pretty much screwed over in chances of marriage. Mormon boys want young girls who had plenty of childbearing years left. So, I knew that it was okay to be single, but I couldn’t be single forever. I was especially nervous about the possibility of graduating without finding a husband. Where would I go from there? The best selection of good Mormon boys are in Utah, of course. But, as my mom always says, “it only takes one.” I had confidence that God knew what was best for me and he would make sure my path aligned with the right guy at the right time.
                On a particularly cold Monday night in January, Gary, Jory, and I decided to go to the hot tub at my apartment complex. This was an enjoyable, but not too common activity for our trio. Jory and I went to the hot tub first, and Gary decided he would meet us down there later when he got off work. After a while of sitting in there with Jory, a girl from my ward at church joined us. She was in my Family Home Evening group, and it was my responsibility to fellowship her, as I was the Family Home Evening Group Leader. I thought she was cool, so we talked. A few minutes later, two of her friends joined us. They were both guys, and both pretty attractive, from what I could determine in the dim lighting of the hot tub. We all talked together, and the two guys seemed a lot of fun.

                They introduced themselves. I only remember the blond one with the great body. He talked about how he went snowboarding a lot (which of course caught my interest) and how he was a farmer. A farmer, I thought, was a good thing. My dad worked on a farm all through his childhood, so I know farming leads to a good work ethic. But then the blond guy said that he didn’t have a major, he didn’t know what he was studying. That was a turn-off to me, because I only wanted to marry a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer. Something like that. The blond guy also said he was in my ward, but he never came to FHE. I took this as an opportunity to advertise for FHE. He promised he would come in the future. He also mentioned that he was a Sunday School teacher, and that he hopefully would be teaching for the first time in the weeks to come.

                At midnight, we got kicked out of the hot tub, as was the apartment complex policy. I made the blond boy promise to come to FHE as we were walking out, and that was the end of it. I hoped he would come, but I doubted it. That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I couldn’t get him out of my head. He was very attractive, and I desperately wanted him to ask me on a date. But I thought he was out of my league, so I figured that wouldn't happen. But for some reason I felt drawn to him. In my mind, I fantasized about him taking me out, us dating, and living happily ever after. But who was I kidding? All I knew was that I couldn’t miss church in the following weeks because he would be teaching the lesson. I just needed a chance to talk to him again.
                At church the next week, he was there. I tried to summon the courage to go talk to him, but after church he ran out the door quickly. I hoped I would have another chance to talk to him again. That chance came the first Sunday in February. He taught the lesson, and I attended. He was even more attractive in real lighting, not the darkness of the hot tub. For the rest of church, I battled with my fear of talking to him. I’m not particularly outgoing, so approaching a really attractive guy was intimidating to me. But, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t talk to him. So, after church, I marched right up to him.
                “Your lesson was really good,” I said.
                “Thanks!” he beamed.
                “You used lots of stories. That’s my favorite,” I said.
                “Yeah, me too. What’s your name?”
                “Holly. We already met.” I must have looked a little offended.
                He just looked confused. “We did? Where?”
                Now I just seemed like a creeper. “In the hot tub, about a month ago.”
                “I don’t remember. I must not have been able to see you cuz of all the fog.”
                “And I was sitting on the dark side,” I said.
                “Well, my name is Jason.”
                “Jason. Nice to meet you,” I smiled and shook his hand.
                We talked for about ten more minutes. He had an adorable smile. His eyes lit up when he talked about things he loved. He had a cute way of throwing his head back when he laughed.
 He was wearing a suit with purple pin-stripes and a matching purple tie. Very chic. I was wearing a black pencil skirt with silver pin-stripes and a silver shirt. I was wearing tall, shiny, high-heeled shoes. My hair was curled. I looked good that day. He must have thought so too, because he asked for my number and said, “I’ll give you a call and we’ll go out sometime.” I said I would love it.
I practically skipped out to my car. I was elated! I was on cloud nine. It was too good to be true. I hoped he would call me soon, because I was just too excited to contain myself.
But that excitement faded as a week passed and he didn’t call. Normally, I was used to guys calling within the first day, or at least the first three days, after getting my number. Not Jason. I assumed he second-guessed himself. He couldn’t have really wanted to go out with me. I was confused, but resigned myself to the fact that he wasn’t going to call.
The Friday, two weeks after I talked to Jason in church, I was on a date. Not with Jason. On the date, I was playing broomball at the Seven Peaks Ice Skating Arena. I felt a buzz in my pocket, my phone alerting me that I got a text message. I figured it was one of my friends that I talked to every day.

It was Jason. I couldn’t believe it! The text asked if I remembered him. I replied that I did. He then asked if I wanted to go on a group date the next day. My heart sank. I told him that I was planning on going skiing that day. I went skiing all the time that winter. I was going to take Gary and Jory. Jory had never skied before, so I wanted to teach him.

Jason replied: “Okay, well I will just find somebody else to go with me then.”
“What a jerk!” I thought. I shook my head in disgust. If he was really such a jerk, I didn’t want to go out with him after all. I dated my share of jerks, and learned my lesson to steer clear of them. 
The next day, my plans to go skiing fell through. I didn’t want to be bored and alone that night. So I decided that going out with a jerk was better than spending the night sitting alone in my apartment.
I texted Jason, “Hey, I hope you didn’t find somebody else to go with you on the date because I’m not going skiing anymore!”
He replied back that he didn’t find anybody else, and he was excited that I was going. He told me the details of the date. In the evening, I prettied myself up. I had to look amazing. I didn’t want people wondering why such a hot guy was taking out such a bland girl. I wore a green shirt and white jeans. I straightened my hair, and carefully made my eyelashes as long as possible. I sprinkled perfume all over. If my looks and personality weren’t going to win him over, there was a chance my perfume would.

I walked over to his apartment and we got in the car. His mission buddy, Jordan, and his girlfriend Karli were in the back seat. I came to find out later that Jordan, Jason, and their other best friend Jacob all decided on their mission together that they wouldn’t get married until they were 24 unless the other two approved of whoever they were dating. So, Jordan brought Karli down from Logan to have Jason and Jacob approve of her so he could marry her.
We drove to a fun salad/sandwich/soup shop called Zupa’s. We met Jacob and his date there. I got a salad.
“I promise this isn’t all I eat,” I told Jason. He laughed.

On the date, I decided that I would just be my true self. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, so it didn’t matter if he liked me or not. After Zupa’s, we went bowling. Jason, Jacob, and Jordan all battled over the first place ranking during our game. I was just trying to keep the ball from going in the gutter. Jason thought my terrible bowling was adorable, but tried to coach me on the proper bowling technique. I thought the proper bowling technique was awkward and dumb, so I didn’t listen to his advice.

After bowling, we went back to Jason’s apartment. There, we played “Just Dance  3”, a video game in which you have to replicate the dance moves on the screen. The dancers on the screen look great; the dancers in real life do not. At any rate, Jason and I danced some duets. We argued and argued about which songs to do, but finally settled on “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “Boogie Wonderland,” which are incidentally the most hilarious looking dances.

After the dancing, I made Jason and Jacob endure through watching my dance videos on YouTube. These videos are terribly awkward and would be embarrassing for any other person. But, I seem to have no limit to what ridiculous things I will do in public. Jason and Jacob thought the videos were hilarious. That was a relief.

After dancing, we went to WalMart to purchase materials for playing a prank. The prank involved attaching a fishing line to somebody’s window and rubbing a wet cloth on the line from outside their window. The idea is that when you do this, it makes a large and horrendous sound to the person on the other side of the window. At WalMart, Jason and I ditched Jacob and his date. There, I told Jason that I was a vegetarian. He thought I said vegan, which is indeed much scarier. We met up with Jacob again and embarked to play the prank.

We victimized some boys in our ward. We sat in my car and tried to pull the prank, but it didn’t work very well. So, Jason and I went to the balcony at my apartment and attempted our trick there. Lots of times we thought we heard sound, so we tried to crouch down to hide. We crouched closer and closer together that eventually he put his arm around me. My heart beat super fast.
When we realized the prank was unsuccessful, we went back to Jason’s apartment. Jacob and his date left. Jason and I decided we would watch “A Knight’s Tale.” We sat close together on the couch. As the movie went on, he held my hand.

After the movie, he expressed that he was very tired and that I needed to keep him awake. He moved closer. I asked him how I should do that. I moved closer. And then he kissed me.
“Why not?” I thought. If he didn’t want a second date, at least I had the chance to kiss a hot guy. After the first date, I knew I was attracted to his personality as much as his looks. He wasn’t a jerk after all. It turns out that his obnoxious comment of “I’ll find somebody else” wasn’t his idea at all. It was his womanizing friend’s idea. Jason was upset that I couldn’t go out with him initially because he really wanted me to go. So he called up his friend and asked him what he should say. His friend swears that the phrase works every time. It did on me, I guess. Even though it almost didn’t.
I didn’t want that night to end. It was so perfect. But I needed to go to bed so I could wake up for church the next day. The next day Jason went up to Idaho, so I wouldn’t be able to see him. But I knew I couldn’t expect a second date. I figured all he wanted was to kiss me anyways. So I told myself I was fine with that.
Nevertheless, that Sunday I kept checking my phone to see if he had texted me. He didn’t. So that Monday, I texted him in the evening. He replied that he was on the road, but would text me when he got home. I waited, not so patiently. A few hours later, I received a Facebook message from him, quoting “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO.

We flirted for a bit, and then he said, “I bet you wanna make out so bad right now. Don’t try to deny it.” I told him that I couldn’t deny it. I proposed that we meet in the hot tub, and we did. One of the first things he asked me was about why I was a vegan . I laughed and told him that I wasn’t a vegan, I was a vegetarian! Now, Jason tells me that being a vegan would have been a dealbreaker. But he could deal with me being a vegetarian.
I saw Jason the next day. And the next day. And all the days after that. He says that on one of those first days, he noticed a picture of the Washington D.C. temple in my room. As he stared at it, he realized that he couldn’t mess this chance up.

About a week after our first date, he said, “I think I kind of like you.”
“Just kind of?” I teased.
“No. I think I like you,” he corrected. 
I kissed him and said, smiling, “I think I like you too.”
A few months later “I think I like you” turned into “I think I love you,” and then to “I think I want to marry you.”
And the rest, of course, is history.

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  1. What a neat story! I love the part about him not recognizing you at church. But then again, you don't go to church with hot tub hair!