Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I Am Voting For Mitt Romney

As Mitt Romney said in the first debate, this election is bigger than the two candidates. It's about our vision for America. Mr. Romney and I share the same vision of America.

There are many reasons I do not think that Barack Obama should be president. These reasons do not have to do with the endless stream of conspiracy theories about him, such as the fact that he's not an American citizen and that he's a Muslim terrorist. I do not accept these theories as true, but I do not dismiss them as false. Maybe they're true. I don't know. But if they're not, then we are doing a cruel injustice to our president. 

At any rate, I am voting for Mitt Romney for many reasons: 

1. I am scared. 
I am a senior in college this year. I graduate in 6 months in April. I think that the most shocking and gloomy statistic this election season is that 50% of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. To put that in perspective, out my friend and I that are graduating in April, one out of the two of us will be unemployed or underemployed. That's just wrong. College is supposed to provide us with a better future. I did not go through all of this hard work to be unemployed or underemployed. And I will have to get a job so I can put my almost-husband through medical school. There's no way I can afford that if I can't get a good job. Why don't you just go on government welfare? you may ask. NO. I want to work and earn money. I don't want government handouts. I want a future where I can get a job that I have earned through my college education. Mitt Romney has a plan for getting America back on its feet. I have a better chance of getting a job under Romney's economic system than Obama's. 

2.  Barack Obama had his chance and failed.
He offered us hope and change, and we got hopelessness and change for the worse. America is worse off now than it was when Obama took office. The national debt has not decreased; it has shot up astronomically and continues to swell at unprecedented rates. The Obama administration loves to blame the Bush administration for the national debt. But here are the facts: during the 8 years of the Bush presidency, the debt rose $4.899 trillion. However, in just half of that time, the 4 years of the Obama presidency, the debt rose another $4.939 trillion.The national debt has now surpassed $16 trillion ( In addition, The unemployment rate has not gone down, as Obama promised.  During Obama's presidency, the unemployment rate grew to 10% ( America has not had its economic recovery that Obama promised. Yes, four years is a short period of time, but it is enough to make steps in the right direction. And Obama didn’t do that. He really sent us down the drain. America is not suffering solely because of Obama's policies; it is suffering in spite of Obama's policies. 

3. Obama's economic plan is ineffective. 
More taxing, especially of the wealthy, will not allow for an economic recovery. Am I saying that because I am wealthy? Well, no. Because I am not. At the moment, I have no income. Come December, I will be married and cut off from my parents economically. I will be on my own to make  money. I will be dirt poor. So no, I am not saying that the wealthy shouldn't be taxed more out of self-interest. It's just simple economics. Who provides jobs? The wealthy. Taxing them more means that they will not be able to provide as many jobs. Taxing the wealthy just stifles economic growth. But they can afford to give up their money! you say. Well yeah, I guess so. But they shouldn't have to. The wealthy work hard for their money. As Paul Ryan said in the vice presidential debate, "Look, if you taxed every person and successful business making over $250,000 at 100 percent, it would only run the government for 98 days." Taking away their money does not give people an incentive to be successful. Let's pretend you are in school and you studied really hard for a test. You study hard for weeks for this test. You devote dozens of hours to studying for it. You take the test and you get an A! You are overjoyed. But then, you find out that your friend who is also in the class failed the test. You ask them how much they studied, and they say they only studied for a couple hours. In your class, people complain that it's not fair that some people get A's and some get F's. So the teacher decides to give everybody a "C." Is that fair to you, who studied 10 times as hard as your friend?  Would that give you an incentive to study hard next time? This is the principle of "leveling the playing field." In the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden mentioned "leveling the playing field" several times. Sorry liberals, but "leveling the playing field" simply won't work. In my economics class, we asked my professor if there is any economist that believes in raising taxes, especially on the rich. "Not if they are a true economist," my professor said. Mitt Romney believes that we as Americans know what to do with our money better than the government does. He does not believe in suppressing economic growth by drowning hard-working Americans in taxes. 

4. I don't agree with Obama's view of welfare. 
I love to help people. I believe in charity. If people need economic aid, I will personally give them money out of my own pocket. That's how it should be. If we see a need, we should help. I believe that the average person is good and would help another in need. Obama doesn't seem to think so because he forces us to take care of the 47% of the country that receives government economic aid. Yes, that is a true statistic ( Helping others through the federal government is not actually helping others as much as you would think. Here's an example. If I see you need money, I will give you $10 out of my pocket. All of that $10 is yours to spend. However, the government version of welfare has a very different effect. I will still give the government the $10, but that's not what you receive. With my $10, the government takes out $6 to pay the people who administer the welfare money to you. So you end up receiving only $4 of the original $10. You see? We would be much better off by a private welfare system than by a federal government system. Mitt Romney knows that the best way to help people is not through the federal government. 

5. Obama's policies infringe on my liberties. 
To me, America died the day that the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional. Obamacare substantially infringes on personal liberties. It mandates that we are forced to buy healthcare. That's not okay. It is not okay for the government to force me to do anything. And do you know what else? Obamacare has never had the majority approval of the public. In June of this year, only 34% of Americans actually approved of the healthcare law. It's messed up that it actually went through with barely over a third of Americans approving of the law. ( Speaking of infringing on your liberties, did you know that Obama signed a law that says that if you are an American citizen but also suspected of terrorist involvement, you can be imprisoned indefinitely without trial? It's called the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 ( That scares me.

 6. Obama isn't keeping us safe. 
Obama wants to cut military and defense spending. He wants to reduce American nuclear arms. The problem with this is he only has control on how much we reduce our nuclear arms; he has no control over how much other countries reduce their nuclear arms. With countries like North Korea and Iran rumored to be developing nuclear weapons, we need to have strong defense. If our defense and military isn't strong, our country isn't strong. 

7. Mitt Romney promises to be bipartisan.
Mitt Romney was elected to be the governor of Massachusetts, which had a Democratic majority in the legislature. Mitt Romney didn’t ignore the Democrats; he worked with them. Mitt Romney has a track record of being bipartisan, which is exactly what our country needs. We desperately need both parties to work together. Barack Obama came into the presidency with a Democratic majority in Congress. What did he do? He pushed the Democratic agenda through Congress, completely trampling the Republicans. He did not allow the Republicans any say. Don’t believe me? The first debate says enough about his attitude towards bipartisanship. Obama said, “the Democratic legislators in Massachusetts might have given some advice to Republicans in Congress about how to cooperate.” Um, okay, wow what a jerk. And to top it off, in the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden kept saying that “if you Republicans [in Congress] would just get out of the way, then…” That’s not a bipartisan attitude. Obama just wants to push his agenda through Congress, no matter what the opposition thinks.

8. Mitt Romney is just awesome.
Yeah, he’s a successful businessman. And…so what? That’s actually really good. Obviously he is good with money. He knows far more about economics than Obama does, who got elected in his first term in the Senate. Mitt Romney has political experience, but he isn’t corrupted by Washington DC. He has never been in Congress. Rumor has it that Romney doesn’t care about the poor. FALSE!!! I don’t think you could find a person with a bigger heart. He doesn’t tell all the stories of his charity because he’s not that guy. He’s humble and doesn’t need to flaunt his goodness. But if you don’t believe that he cares about the poor, just look at his tax record from last year. He paid over 30% of his income in charity. That’s awesome. He does care about the “little guy.” 

9. Chuck Norris endorses Romney.
Okay, so this reason isn’t a main factor in my decision to vote for Romney. But come on. We all know that Chuck Norris is the ultimate celebrity. And his endorsement is worth 1,000 other celebrity endorsements. 

I am a busy college student. I have schoolwork to do and a wedding to plan for. But I am an intern for the Romney campaign and I devote 15 hours of my week EVERY week to helping Romney win. I do not get paid for this time. I am doing everything that I can to help my candidate win. If you are not doing as much work as I am to help your candidate win, you have no room to argue with me. 

Don't just post about politics. Don't engage in political arguments on Facebook if you aren't doing something to contribute to your candidate winning. You are not going to help any campaign by picking fights. You're not going to change anybody's mind. 

Get educated. Get informed. Get out and vote. 

But if you are planning on voting for Obama you don't need to get out and vote :P

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  1. Thank you for a well written piece. May God Bless you and your husband to be with abundance.