Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things That Will Save You in a Zombie Apocalypse

Apparently to a lot of people, a zombie apocalypse in the near future is inevitable. I don’t believe that, but I do believe that there may be doomsday circumstances in which you may need to run and fight for your life. Let’s say a solar flare knocked out all of the power in the world. And yes, astronomers will tell you that there is a very strong possibility of this happening. If it does, the world will turn into chaos and be forced into primitive living conditions. Starving people would be driven to madness and may even kill each other for the sake of obtaining essentials, such as food and water. But, for the sake of this post, let’s pretend that there really will be zombies. The qualities I will list and describe would be applicable to any kind of apocalypse, whether there is brain-eating living dead or not.

1.      Physical Strength
The stronger you are, the more able you will be to face zombies in combat. It may be the case that you will not have any weapons to defend yourself.

2.      Physical Endurance
Physical endurance is essential for flight and survival. “Flight” means fleeing the danger. Maybe you have to outrun the zombies. Maybe you only have a bike to get you into a non-zombie infested area. In that case, you need to be in good enough shape to run (or bike) really long distances. Physical endurance will also help you survive in the wilderness for long periods of time.

3.      Speed
The fastest people will be the one to survive. The ones who are not in shape, who are sick, who are old, who are very young, and who are overweight will not survive a run from the zombies. Sorry. But it’s the truth.

4.      Scavenging skills
At some point during the apocalypse, your 
food storage will be lost or completely 
depleted. In that case, you will need to know how to hunt or find food sources in the wild. Otherwise,you will starve and die.

5. Survival skills
If you know how to survive in the wild (i.e. build shelters, make fire, scavenge, purify water, first aid) you will be better off than those that don’t. The people who don’t have survival skills will probably die of natural causes, rather than by zombie attack.

6.      Being a light sleeper
In my cozy little life, I see being the light sleeper that I am as being a curse. However, in apocalyptic conditions, this quality would actually be useful. If you wake up to the tiniest sounds, you will be able to flee dangerous situations quickly. If you are a heavy sleeper, and you have to rely on somebody else to wake you up, your chances of night survival are much lower.

7.      No attachments
            This one is sad. But let’s say your brother turned into a zombie and was trying to attack you. You would have no choice but to kill them. In apocalyptic times, you would need to have the ability to let things go, whether it be your home, your family, or your friends. Of course, if you can save your family or your friends, you would be a lot better off and happy. But if they turn against you, you need to have the ability to get away from the situation.

8.      Selfishness
This is terrible to say, but the more selfish people will be the ones to survive. Of course, I would say it is nobler to sacrifice yourself for other in dire situations.

9.      Knowledge of how to use guns
In an apocalypse, you will want guns. Hippies won’t be able to survive. You need to have guns before the apocalypse and you need to know how to use them. Chances are, you will need to use it to defend yourself and others.

10.      Extensive emergency storage 
            If you have everything you need to survive for a long period of time before disaster strikes, the better off you will be. You will want to have food storage. You will want to have a go-pack in case you have to leave your house. You will want to have an arsenal of weapons. You will want to have a generator. You will want to have gasoline to power your house or your vehicle.

11.  Pre-existing alliances
I was talking to my dad about what my family would do in the event of an apocalypse. He said he already established alliances with our neighbors. This may seem silly, but it could definitely save your life. Apparently, one family that lives next to us will provide the weapons. Another will provide the food. My family will provide the gasoline and water.

12.  A plan
Those who already have a plan before disaster strikes will be better off. Know where you will get away to when disaster strikes. Know who you will be relying on. 

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