Monday, September 17, 2012

Fashion Don'ts

Okay, so I am not a model or a clothes designer. Heck, I don't even consider myself to be that fashionable. But I do have that artists' eye, so I can tell what looks good and what doesn't. Well, I guess it's just a matter of opinion. But here are some fashion commonalities that I really wish people would drop: 

1. Don't wear clothes that don't match your proportions. 

C'mon. Bikinis are hard to pull off. If you're too skinny, wearing a bikini makes people worried for your health. If you are fat, don't even think about it! Please. PLEASE. 
The same principle goes for wearing high heels. If you are really tall, don't wear heels! There are ways to look sexy without towering over the poor guy who wants to take you on a date. 

2. Don't confuse the seasons all in one outfit. 

This trend seems to be particularly popular at BYU. Don't wear your fall gloves and your summer shorts and your winter burka and your spring sandals. You look like a really confused person. Keep it together, man. 

3. Don't wear seasonal clothes before it's time to do so. 

Don't pull out your flip flops after the first snow. Don't wear your UGG boots during your first week of school in August. Actually, don't wear your UGG boots at all. Don't wear your sundress the first day it's warmer than 40 degrees in February. Chill out! 

4. If you are short/fat legged, don't wear shoes that cut off at the ankle. 

I have this issue. My legs are short, and any shoes that have a distinct ending at the ankle just make my legs look even shorter. No, the above picture is not of me. 

5. Don't fit multiple stereotypes' clothing into one outfit. 

The other day I saw a girl wearing a band t-shirt. Cool, a rocker girl. She also wore a knee-length denim skirt. Which says, 90's rocker girl? But she wore goth make-up. 90's heavy metal girl? She completed the look with a pair of cowboy boots. So, she was a 90's heavy metal...cowgirl? If you're going for a stereotypical look, make sure everything you are wearing goes with that stereotype! Unless you're a hipster. Then do whatever you want. 

6. Don't wear leggings with a short shirt. 

In general, leggings aren't thick enough to be worn by themselves. If you want to wear leggings and just a shirt, make sure that shirt covers up your underwear. 

7. Don't wear an outfit that's all the exact same color. 

Don't wear white pants and a white shirt. You look like a casual bride or something. Don't wear black pants and a black shirt. You look like a goth. Don't wear pink pants and a pink shirt. You look like a flamingo. Don't wear blue pants and a blue shirt. You look like a breath mint. The all one color outfit can be pulled off in special circumstances, but more often than not it looks terrible.

8. Don't wear baggy pants and sneakers. 

For Pete's sake.  Buy some jeans that fit well. They don't have to be ultra-skinny. And don't wear your old yucky sneakers with your outfit! Spend the $5 it takes at Wal-Mart to buy some flats or some other type of casual shoes. Wear the yucky old sneakers working out. 

9. Don't wear your university t-shirt while you are on campus going to class at said university. 

Let's get real. You're on your way to class. We know you go to that school. You don't need to brag about it. Have a little more diversity with what you wear. Also, do not wear your university t-shirt while you are out on a date. Stay classy. 

1o.  Don't wear clothes that are too close to your skin color.

If you are darker skinned, don't wear a shade of brown that matches your skin tone. If you are white, don't wear peach colored clothes. It seriously freaks people out from a distance. 

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