Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I Wish Women Understood

It is rare to find a woman who understands what a divine creature she truly is. In my opinion, every woman is a priceless gem.

But if you tell her that, will she believe you? Not likely. Women are plagued with low self-esteem and countless misperceptions about womanhood. It breaks my heart. Why do women hurt themselves this way?

Here is what I wish women understood:

1. It is great to be a woman!
A woman is compassionate. She is long-suffering. She is understanding. She is nurturing. She is gentle. She is protective. She is loyal. She is intuitive. These are all feminine traits which our society seems to think are not important. Our society puts value in  masculine traits such as agression, strength, force, impulsiveness, and violence. Our pop culture shows us heroines that demonstrate more and more of these masculine traits.

When was the last time a movie heroine saved the day by using her feminine traits? The last one I can think of is Pocahontas.

Consequently, young girls are growing up thinking that they need to exhibit these masculine traits to be recognized. This is false! You do not have to be like a man to be something remarkable. Embrace your feminine side! The world needs women every bit as much as it needs men.

2. Every woman is a princess and deserves to be treated like one.

So many women do not believe that they are a princess. They are burdened down by the heavy weight of low self-esteem.

Every picture a woman sees on the internet, every article she reads in a magazine, every movie she sees tells her that she is not good enough. Her whole life is a struggle against this unattainable ideal.

But the truth is she is perfect just the way she is. Sure, there may be some things she wants to improve upon. But that does not mean that she is not already a princess.

3. Happiness comes through loving, accepting, and respecting yourself.

So many women are confused about where they will find happiness and acceptance. They think they will find it through money, through other people, or through sex. Sexism is very much still alive today by the way women treat themselves.

Many studies have shown that in a professional environment, the more skin you have covered, the more power you have. Think about this: why is it that men get to wear clothes that covers from their neck to their toe when they dress up, but when women dress up, they try to wear as little as possible. WHY?

A girl that respects herself dresses and acts like she respects herself. You will not be respected if you do not show that you respect yourself. Do you want people to respect you? Do you want to be treated like a princess? A girl that dresses herself respectfully will be treated like a princess; a girl that has no limit to what she will show off will be treated as an object.  The more skin you show off, the more promiscuous you dress, the less you will be respected. Sure, you will get attention. But you won't be getting attention from prince charming. You will be getting attention from the pirates that are seeking the company of women for the one night they are on land. I think it is a crime against our own gender when we let ourselves be objectified in this way.

You will not find happiness and acceptance if you show off more skin. You will not find it if you seduce multitudes of men. You will not find it by being promiscuous. You will find it through loving and accepting yourself how you are.  Don't sing about wanting your prince charming to come find you if you will not first prove to him that you are a self-respecting, noble princess.  

4. Being a mother is the most honorable career.

The other day I was looking at pictures of my grandmother from when she was a young mother in the 1950's. I realized that it was considered glamorous to be a mother in that era!

Now, motherhood has seemed to decline in reputation. If you say that you are a stay-at-home mom, you are almost looked down upon. Many women seem to think that they need to put their career before their children.

I believe that there is no career (and yes, being a mom is a full-time career) more fulfilling than being a mother. Women are wired to be loving, nurturing, and protecting. We are meant to be mothers, by nature.

5. You have unlimited potential.

Yeah, yeah it's cliche but the sky really is your limit. You are not resctricted on anything because you are a woman. If you want it, fight for it! A woman is every bit as strong as a man. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Remember that you are a princess. Demand that you are treated that way. Do not settle for less than respect. Love and accept yourself the way you are. Take the responsibility of motherhood seriously. Reach to achieve your dreams. Realize that being a woman is an incredible thing!

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